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Case of 40 units


Beautiful & Powerful

CannaMate™ Amber boasts the latest cutting edge ceramic heating technology with a sleek, minimalist design- catching the eyes  of all discerning cannabis connoisseurs.


Pure and Intense Flavor

With the masterful advanced APTC™ and unique porous structure, Hcore® transfer your precious liquid into aerosol particles smaller than 2.0 m & even and smooth full spectrum pure and intense flavor, helping you taste cleaner and more nuanced flavors that you simply won't get from other solutions.


Dual Airways Design

Eliminating clogging with the genius Dual Airways Design

Careful and Thoughtful Consideration Into All The Details

V-shape tank design to make sure you could enjoy till the very last drop; Placing the view window on the side to make sure the exquisite looking is perfectly preserved. This unique gorgeous bilayer is specially designed for discerning trendsetters.

CannaMate™ Amber 2.0ml

  • Volume 2.0ml
    Coil Type Hcore Silo
    Mouthpiece Style Flat
    Mouthpiece Material ABS
    Tank Type PCTG
    Aperture Size 4 air inlets/ 1.6mm
    Filling Method Bottom Fill
    Resistance 1.6ohm
    Center Post SUS316L
    Airflow Bottom
    Activation Draw/ Puff activated
    Battery Capacity 300mAh
    Battery Housing PC+ABS
    Output Voltage 3.5V
    Charge Port Type-C
    Net weight /
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