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Case of 50 units


The crown of ultra-thin cannabis vapes!

Only small diameter ceramic heating element solution could be applied in this case due to its elegant sleek super thin design. When the diameter of ceramic heating elements is less than Ø 3.5mm, the performance of Hcore® is absolutely unbeatable!


Hcore® Ceramic Heating Element Inside

Hcore® improves the bioavailability and delivery efficiency of cannabinoids active ingredients to an unprecedented level (thus highest satisfaction/approval scores in this category).


Pure and Intense Flavor

With the masterful advanced temperature control techniques and unique porous structure, Hcore® transfers your precious liquid into aerosol particles smaller than 2.5 m and even and smooth full spectrum pure and intense flavor, bringing you aspirational “entourage effect” and the ability to taste cleaner and more nuanced flavors that you simply won't get from other solutions.


Premium UL Certified Battery with Convenient Type-C Connection

CannaMate™ batteries are high-performing, long-lasting and most importantly, safe. UL safety and performance standards are strictly observed to make sure the end users are free from risk of fire, electric shock and other hazards.


CannaMate™ DP30 1.6ohm

  • Volume 1.0ml
    Coil Type Hcore Silo
    Mouthpiece Style Flat
    Mouthpiece Material PC
    Tank Type PCTG
    Aperture Size 4 air inlets/ 1.6mm
    Filling Method Top fill
    Resistance 1.6ohm
    Center Post SUS316L
    Airflow Bottom
    Activation Draw/ Puff activated
    Battery Capacity 300mAh
    Battery Housing PC
    Output Voltage 3.5V
    Charge Port Type-C
    Net weight 20g
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